10 Minute Pilates Solutions

10 Minute Pilates Solutions

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10 Minute Pilates Solutions - how to tone up and have some fun!

Course Description

This course will three 10 Minute Pilates Solutions, the first is a workout for stronger Abs, the second is a workout for strength and flexibility and the third is a workout for sexy butt and thighs.

There’s loads of easy exercises to reduce any risk of injury when you do any other activities.

By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, you become acutely in tune with your body. You actually learn how to control its movement.

In Pilates the quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions. Proper breathing is essential, and helps you execute movements with maximum power and efficiency. Last but not least, learning to breathe properly can reduce stress.

You’ll learn how to breathe during the exercises and work the core muscles, using your spine to stretch and how to relax to maximise the stretch for more mobility and flexibility.

This great three video series shows you how to increase your energy and give you an increased sense of well being. Pilates conditions the whole body, even the ankles and feet. No muscle group is over trained or under trained. Your entire musculature is evenly balanced and conditioned, helping you enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease, better performance and less chance of injury.

It'll really tone your muscles and not only give you a great workout but an incredible body.

What do I need for this course?

  • A mat would be useful
  • A pilates ball 65cm
  • Some small arm weights
  • A foam tube (noodle)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Simple to follow tuition
  • More flexibility
  • Three amazing 10 workouts
  • Better mobility
  • A tight core and leaner tummy

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to try Pilates
  • Anyone who feels stiffness
  • Anyone who wants a good workout
  • Anyone who wants a rock hard core
  • Anyone who wants to tone up and get fit
  • Anyone who wants a sexy butt & thighs

What can I really expect from this 10 Minute Pilates Solutions course?

You'll learn how to become a lot more flexible, how to target specif areas on your body. You'll get a much stronger core and a leaner better toned body. Pilates is now one of the most common forms of exercise and our expert teacher will put you through your paces to get a flat tummy and become more flexible.


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