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Marketing Course Bundle



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  • Put your webpage, blog and social media profiles at the forefront of discovery.
  • With this in-depth online marketing course.
  • Discover the fundamentals of mobile marketing, social media marketing & SEO!
  • In a three-in-one course.
  • Earn a certification in a new skill!

This course gives you a chance to learn the top techniques of online marketing from business experts! Improve your income, boost your clicks, gather subscribers and more, simply implement the tricks and tips set out in this easy-to-understand online course.

How to use Facebook to Market your Business


Introduction to Facebook

Length: 65 minutesComplexity: Standard

Introduction to Facebook, How to Drive Traffic Using Facebook, Why Use Facebook, Building Brand, Profile, Fan Page, Terminology.

Facebook Rules

Length: 93 minutesComplexity: Standard

Facebook Terms & Conditions, Rules, What is Spam, Impact on Promoting, How to Promote a Page, Targeting, Images, Advanced Options, Ads, Reports, Understanding the Analysis.

How to Drive Traffic Using Facebook

Length: 63 minutesComplexity: Standard

Facebook Retargeting, How to set up Retargeting, Create a customer lift, Multiple Fanpages, Competitions, FB Niche Markets, Posts, Pin a Post, Scheduled Posts, Boosting Posts, Post Insights, Post – Summary

Facebook Marketing

Length: 34 minutesComplexity: Standard

How to drive traffic using Facebook and also Pages, Groups, Outsourcing, Syndication, Tracking and much more

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Mobile Marketing that gets results


Mobile Marketing Income

Length: 85 minutesComplexity: Standard

Mobile Marketing Income, Number of Global Users, Smart Phone Marketplace,

Mobile 2

Length: 25 minutesComplexity: Standard

Mobile Marketing Income,

Mobile 3

Length: 54 minutesComplexity: Standard

Mobile 4

Length: 40 minutesComplexity: Standard

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Search Engine Optimisation


Introduction to SEO

Length: 25 minutesComplexity: Standard

Introduction to Jason Lee, Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation, Planning your SEO Strategy, Choosing your Keywords and Phrases for SEO, Getting Found on Google (and other Search Engines, Link Building for SEO, Getting your Site Listed, Search Engine Tools & Services, Monitoring your SEO Progress, Putting SEO into Practice, Resources

On Site SEO

Length: 49 minutesComplexity: Standard

On Site SEO, Components of a Website, Google, Building In WordPress, SEO Plug Ins, Practice Page, Keyword Positioning, Keyword Rich Headings-Titles-Images.

SEO- Google and Social Media

Length: 49 minutesComplexity: Standard

Getting Found on Google, Twitter, You Tube, Link Trading, Link Baiting, Linkedin and Social Media

Bringing it all Together

Length: 36 minutesComplexity: Standard

Link Building for SEO, Blogging, Forum Posting, Photo Sharing, Video Promotions, Business Reviews, Local Listings, Article Submission, Press Release Promotion, Classified Submissions, Social Shopping Network, Document Sharing, PPC, Demonstration

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